Super Compost extract

Vibrant plant health overnight.

Perfect if your plant is ill, or you want to give it some love. Super Compost Extract makes your plants happy by feeding our special micro-organisms directly to it's soil helping the roots. This allows plants to regenerate in a completely natural way, and promotes radical plant growth. See the many benefits below.

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Super Compost extract has many benefits, including:


Against harmful pests


Surviving to thriving

Less Labour

Reduced watering and weeding

Cost Saving

Cheaper than fertilizer applications

No Chemicals

No contamination

Quicker Growth

Quicker establishment

Less Watering

More roots means less watering

Less Weeds

Weed free soil environment

Better Tasting Fruit

Greater nutrient availabilty

Better Tasting Vegetables

Greater nutrient availabilty

Supports Pollination

Better foliage and blooming

Super Compost extract works with all plants.



Potted Plants

Flower Beds


Best with new plants

1. Increased growth from the outset.
2. Prevents disease.
3. Overall decrease in watering & weeding.

Great with existing plants

1. No need to disturb soil by replanting.
2. Significant reduction in labour & associated costs.
3. More effective than alternatives.